Carnival of Aros – October 2021 “Friendship” – Round Up of All Submissions

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Carnival of Aros in October! I sincerely apologize for being a-week-and-a-half late with this roundup post. It’s been very hard for me for all of 2021 to be timely with things, for a variety of factors… and I already struggled a bit with it, it’s just exponentially worse now. Nevertheless, I am very sorry for leaving people waiting!!

I tried to check my email for submissions and even find one I had thought I remembered one, but I just realized I published this round-up without having checked the correct email address 🤦. Sorry everyone. Re-publishing this now this with the emailed submission. As far as I could find, unless I’m mistaken, there was only one submitted this way.

The theme I had picked was “Friendship” and the call for submissions and prompts can be found here.

We received ten great submissions this month and I really appreciate every single one of them!

Eight of you submitted using my Google Form this time. So I’m just using the summaries people gave me themselves in the answer to one of the survey’s questions if they provided one. For the other two submissions I quoted part of the posts.

  1. Frawley shared A Relationship Anarchist Perspective on QPRs and Friendship, about how as a relationship anarchist, they don’t really find the distinction between friendship and queerplatonic relationships to be a useful conceptualization. This is an explanation of why Frawley is personally moving away from “queerplatonic” in favor of defending the validity of intimate and committed friendships.
  2. sildarmillion submitted Friendship, as discussed on my favorite podcasts, recounting two instances in which she had a bit of an emotional reaction to offhand commentary about friendship (in contrast to romantic relationships) on two separate podcasts. And she ends with a shoutout to another podcast that is dedicating its entire season to the theme of friendship! She also wrote a follow up post after a conversation in the comments of the original post, and that post is: Wait, what is affection exactly?
  3. Autumn’s post on her Aria’s Hollow Dreamwidth blog, Observations and Opinions on ‘Friendship’, is an informal consideration on the many uses of the way the word ‘friendship’ is used, referencing both personal experience and broad observations made from time spent in the aromantic community.
  4. Mike from his RobotiCanary WordPress blog submitted a post about what he thinks of when he thinks of friendship, and the troubles of being a friend around people in romantic relationships.
  5. Blue Ice-Tea submitted Growing Up Platoniromantic: Heartbreak.
  6. thinking-aromanticism (aka thiro) shared with us its post with links to find the submission both on Tumblr and on Dreamwidth. 🙂 It’s a 2k [word] personal essay about interpersonal relationships as a bisexual androgyne, extensively citing ecchi anime Interspecies Reviewers.
  7. Cat submitted on their litter-of-cats tumblr, Distant from others, distant from romance—aka why I don’t call “friends” friends, which he describes as a personal account on friendships, trauma, and not belonging—and how it all intertwines with being aro.
  8. aro-prince-aj (local aro cryptid) on tumblr shared a post, and his opening line references his gray-platonic identity.

    “As a gray-pl lovequeer aro, friendship feels complicated to say the least. I don’t form friendships easily, or at least deep ones. I’m very much an acquaintance more than a direct friend to a lot of people, even if my love for them is still strong.”
  9. Isaac submitted Breaking the glass ceiling of friendship. He covers some ground on societal norms and limits of friendship, explaining,

    “[F]riendship is an unlimited format which may grow as close as desired by the involved friends, at least in principle. However, in practice, there is a glass ceiling on friendship, be it external (imposed from society) or internal (self-imposed by the person), that limits it in different ways.”
  10. Finally, Sennkestra submitted My Friend Situation is Like a Fanfiction Trope, AMA. from their “Next Step: Cake” WordPress blog. They described it as: “When it comes to aspirations about an asexual and aromantic lifestyle, I’ve come to realize over the last couple years that I’m already living the dream in many ways, with a social and cohabitation arrangement like something out of an ensemble fanfiction found family trope* – albeit it mostly by chance rather than design.”

Thank you to everyone for participating!!

If I missed a post, please comment or contact me via Discord, Twitter, Tumblr, or email – all explained at the end of the Call for Submissions post. I’ll edit this post to have the missed post listed as well!

I hope you all enjoy reading the submissions from October!

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