Carnival of Aros – October 2021 Call for Submissions: “Friendship”

The Carnival of Aros is a month-long recurring blogging festival where bloggers on different platforms all write (or vlog, or create content) on a specific theme. Submissions are typically posted on everyone’s own blog (or whatever platform they use, such as YouTube). If you need me to host your post on my blog (as either a “guest post” submission crediting you or as an anonymous submission) please let me know. Different bloggers typically host the carnival each month. For more information about the Carnival of Aros, please look here! And don’t be afraid to host the carnival yourself sometime soon. The only rules are that a) submissions are tied back to aromanticism in some way, and b) the theme inspires your submission in some way.

I hosted the Carnival back in November of 2020 and then a little under 3 weeks ago the Carnival of Aros team reached out asking if I might be willing to host again, because they needed volunteers to host future months. I was happy to host again, and looking through the past themes that had been hosted, I noticed both Friendship and anything about Platonic Relationships hasn’t been a theme yet…

Feel free to ask me below, or at my email address if you have any questions! Also feel free to reblog the post I just made, cross-posting this call for submissions to tumblr.

For October 2021, the theme I chose is “Friendship”. The prompts below are meant to help give you ideas of various directions you could take your submissions, but the topic is meant to be broad so anything that the word inspires, even if it has nothing to do with any of the prompts below, is welcome!


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