Call for Submissions: Carnival of Aces – August 2021 – Second Chance at Any Past Topic

Hi everyone! The “Carnival of Aces” is a blogging carnival where each month people are invited to write about a specific topic that is related to asexuality/the ace spectrum in some way. Or creators can participate in other formats including video, poetry, art etc. Guest submissions and anonymous submissions are welcome.

Check out the masterpost for more info:

It’s now August 2021, and it is the seventh time that I am hosting the carnival of aces. Before, I hosted select months in 2014 (twice), 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. You can find those in the masterpost under “From Fandom to Family”. I have since switched blogs from my “luvtheheaven” WordPress blog though to this “violetemeraldx” one. I also in the year 2020 hosted a Carnival of Aros as well, which is a very similar sister blogging carnival.

I’ve decided to make the topic for this month “Second Chance at Any Past Carnival of Aces Topic”, where if you missed your chance to participate in a past topic, either by running out of time to write (or finish writing) an entry, or if you didn’t know about the Carnival of Aces back when the topic happened the first time around, now is your chance to share your thoughts on that theme!

Dare I say most of us aces didn’t even understand our own orientation as being asexuality back when the Carnival of Aces first started over a decade ago in May 2011. There have been so many wonderful, expansive topics since then. I would love to see a variety of different types of posts this August, starting with if anyone missed the most recent Carnival of Aces on “Online Dating” and still had thoughts to say on that, but also going back through everything listed as a past topic in the masterpost.

There have been topics on burnout and mental health, on the history of our communities, intersectionality with things like autism or religion or gender, things about ace pride and ace culture, writing and storytelling related topics, multiple topics on coming out or staying in the closet, various types of relationship themed topics, and many unique topics where something similar only happened once but there is likely plenty new for folks to say.

Even if you participated in the topic before, if you have more to say now on it you are welcome to revisit it.

You are also welcome to participate as many times as you’d like this month, with as many topics as you’d like.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or notice a mistake I’ve made in this call for submissions.


Submissions are due on the final day of the month: Tuesday, August 31st. I will be typing up a draft of the round-up of all submissions on Sunday, August 29th and posting the round-up on Wednesday September 1st, however if you are late and want me to add your submission into the round-up after the fact by editing the post, feel free to contact me into September and that’s fine. I’m happy to add it in later.

When You Finish Writing/Creating Your BLOG/Vlog/Poem/Etc and are Ready to Submit It:

If possible, please fill out this Google Form to submit your Carnival of Aces posts:

It doesn’t require you to provide any email address nor track who you are. It’ll simply make things much easier for me at the end to make sure I don’t miss any submissions, to be able to just look at all the responses there. I also make it easier to make sure you all provide me with not just the link to your submission but also useful info for me to have such as your pronouns and the title I should use for your post.

If you’d like for a post to be hosted on my blog as a guest submission, and/or if you would like to be anonymous, I can do that for you. Please email me at your submission with instructions and I’ll post a guest post. If possible, also fill out the Google Form with an anonymized version of your post as another option, like with a link to it on a site that is not otherwise linked to any of your known psuedonyms. Or fill out the Google form just enough to tell me you’ve emailed me your submission to be posted as a guest post.

However if you are not able, or don’t wish, to use the Google form, then you may submit other ways. – you may simple email me at my new email address, message me on VioletEmerald on tumblr, contact me on VioletEmeraldx on twitter, or add me as a friend and then message me at VioletEmerald#8738 on Discord… or just leave a comment on this WordPress post below! A comment here is always a great option as well so others interested in the carnival can see submissions as they come in. I recommend you submit both in a comment and through the Google Form to really cover your bases. 😉

Thanks, and feel free to comment below if you have any questions or concerns!

I look forward to your submissions!! 🙂

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